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To celebrate our 20th Anniversary and get ready for the upcoming Get Happy Tour, we sat down to tell some of our favorite stories from the last two decades!

The result is a 20-part video series called , "ARMY OF FRESHMEN: 20 FOR 20 - 20 STORIES FOR 20 YEARS". An all new 20-part subscription video series to help fund the upcoming Get Happy Tour!

Subscribe today and receive a new episode EVERY TWO WEEKS throughout 2018! We cover everything from our favorite bands to tour with, our favorite records and shows, our greatest pranks, the stories behind the songs, nervous breakdowns, personal loss, the greatest parties of all time, fights and so much more! It's an insanely funny, occasionally serious and sometimes even moving look back as 6 best friends who followed their dreams into the van, around the world and back again.

You subscribe to the 20 for 20 video series for a one time fee of $40 and every two weeks, you'll get access to a password protected new episode! Once you subscribe you have access to all of the released episodes to watch over and over again!

This is 100% a fund raiser to help us with the staggering costs of the upcoming Get Happy Tour. From international flights to transportation to gear rental to lodging to food to missing work for 2 weeks, this is a huge financial undertaking for us and yes, we're turning to YOU, our friends and fans to help the cause by subscribing to the 20 for 20 video series. And let's face it, if you've been around the AOF camp for a while, you'll probably end up being mentioned in one of the episodes as no names were changed to protect the innocent!

We thank you in advance for your support and trust us... the never before told story of one frozen Army of Freshmen band member locked out of a bus at 4 in the morning forced to hand craft a toilet out of ice to drop a number 2 during a blizzard in a foreign country... That's worth the price of admission!

So, check out the trailer for the video series, sign up and get the first episode - "PRANKS Part 1" today!


Ep. 1 - "PRANKS" Part 1

Ep. 2 - "Our Favorite Bands To Tour With"

Ep. 3 - "Breakdowns"

Ep. 4 - "Pranks - Part 2"

Ep. 5 - "Get Happy Tour Episode"

Ep. 6 - "Fights and Violence"

Ep. 7 - "Underrated Bands"

Ep. 8 - "Parties"

Ep. 9 - "Living In A Vehicle"